skills + qualifications
PHP. MySQL. HTML. CSS. Javascript. XML. APIs.
Custom web application development from the ground up.
Linux and Unix system administration. Apache. BIND.
Third party site customization: Magento. MODx. Wordpress.
HTML/CSS template development. Cross-platform pest control.
Mobile web development. Mobile optimization of traditional sites.
Easy to use but powerful cross-platform CMS for websites.
Key features:
• Built-in SEO features such as rich data snippets, Google sitemap.
• YouTube and Vimeo integration – add videos to your website with a simple link.
• Drag-and-drop slideshow and photo gallery tools with built-in cropping feature.
• Flexible and customized to meet your needs.
Next generation digital signage.
Key features:
• Affordable hardware.
• No power cord required.
• Turnkey system works with any screen.
• Manage screens anywhere (even on your mobile device) via an easy to use web-based CMS.
• Dynamic updates.
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