Cam Collins
Mistress of Dread
@ Old Gods of Appalachia
Digital Design + Development
by contract
about me
A digital designer and programmer by trade, I'm a native of Wise, Virginia, where I cut my teeth on the creepy folklore of the region. A lover of all things that go bump in the night and dyed-in-the-wool spooky bitch, I am the co-creator of Old Gods of Appalachia, a Lovecraftian horror anthology podcast. I currently reside in Bristol, TN/VA.
skills + qualifications
// design
Web and UX design, specializing in responsive design to suit any device.
Product / packaging design.
Posters, flyers + other print projects (venues and events a specialty).
// development
PHP. MySQL. HTML. CSS. Javascript. XML. APIs.
Custom web application development from the ground up.
Linux and Unix system administration. Apache. BIND.
Third party site customization: Magento. MODx. Wordpress.
HTML/CSS template development. Cross-platform pest control.
Mobile web development. Mobile optimization of traditional sites.
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